Award Winning Car Restoration

From Piece Work to Complete Frame-offs, We Do Restorations Right

From piece work like a motorcycle faring, to a complete frame-off, we can accommodate practically any type of restoration.

A typical restoration project starts with new paint. With the chrome removed to facilitate painting, it may make sense to send parts out for new chrome plating. The weather strip is often deteriorated and in need of replacing. On many occasions the project grows into detailing the engine compartment, rebuilding the suspension and even replacing the interior. As we strip pieces from the car, sometimes we uncover additional body issues that must be addressed.

Our restoration work is documented throughout the process with digital photography. Customers are welcome anytime to examine their project as it happens. Constant communication enhances efficiency and further guarantees customer satisfaction. If you can’t make it to the shop in person, scores of pictures are emailed around the invoice date. Additionally, the invoice includes a detailed description of the work performed on a daily basis. We provide all of this at competitive Midwestern hourly rates.

Cars don't come here to die – they are revived. Although restoration is a very time consuming task, your project will keep moving and be completed within a reasonable time period. We have more than 30 years of experience so you won't be paying for a learning curve. We all take pride in our work, as witnessed by the numerous awards our customers have received over the years.

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